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Umatter is born!

U Matter has been in the pipeline for some time and came about from personal experiences I have had over the past twenty years or so. Several people around me have had self doubt issues and I’m sorry to say I did not always have my eyes open to these, it is very easy to brush aside someones idiosyncrasies and not realise there is something “deeper going on”.

Thoughtful gifts for those who matter to you

Thoughtful gifts for someone special who is suffering from the trials of life and needs a reminder that they matter.

Personally designed jewellery gift items, a reminder to someone special that they do matter, are enough and are cared about. A kind word, gift or gesture can mean so much to someone suffering from low self esteem.

A range of products designed to inspire

I decided to create a range of items to inspire others to change the way they look at themselves. The simple act of glancing down and seeing the inscription on a piece of jewellery is just a small but very powerful and positive refresher to the mind and psyche of the wearer. They make great gifts … who wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful gift that reminds them that they are worthy, cared about and that their opinions do count?

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