About us

U Matter has been in the pipeline for some time and came about from personal experiences I have had over the past twenty years or so. Several people around me have had self doubt issues and I’m sorry to say I did not always have my eyes open to these, it is very easy to brush aside someones idiosyncrasies and not realise there is something “deeper going on”.

Supporting people suffering from depression

Most people don’t like to admit they are depressed and don’t know how to broach the subject with others, I think this is especially true of men who are often told to “Man Up” or some other similar but equally un-constructive comment! There seems to be a huge amount of people across all walks of like, ages and genders who are suffering with mental health issues at the moment and if my idea can help deal with this then it will have been worthwhile.

Spiritual not religious

I describe myself as a spiritual rather than religious person. I have always loved stones and healing techniques. In the past few years I have studied Herbalism, Reiki, Meditation and forms of hypnosis. It isn’t until you try different forms of relaxation techniques that you find out what the human soul/spirit is capable of.


My number one go to tip for anyone who is having self doubt is meditation, we started going when my partner was having a really bad time with severe eczema and depression had set in. I needed to try and find something to help him, I knew he wouldn’t go as he barely left the house. I told him I needed to find something to help me try to help him and asked him I asked him to go with me .. to my surprise he agreed!

We went two weeks running and then I had to go away to work for a fortnight, he carried on going and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.

About our logo


The thought behind the logo

The U Matter logo is born from Yin and Yang and the Lotus flower. Yin is negative, dark and feminine, Yang positive, bright and masculine. The philosophy is centred around the achievement of ‘the Way’ it is about not pushing back but accepting life’s contrasts and learning to see the good, and the bad, in everything and finding harmony and balance within, most things are a little bit of both. One can turn into the other and the best things in life lie at the confluence of the two.

Topping Yin and Yang is a lotus flower. I thought this would be a fitting symbol as they return to the murky water each evening, then at the break of day re open in all their glory for all to see. They are symbols of strength, resilience and rebirth. I think there is a resemblance to a person going deep within with their depression and then putting on a mask for the world to see, I think it completes my logo perfectly.

I decided to create a range of items to inspire others to change the way they look at themselves. The simple act of glancing down and seeing the inscription on a piece of jewellery is just a small but very powerful and positive refresher to the mind and psyche of the wearer.

They make great gifts … who wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful gift that reminds them that they are worthy, cared about and that their opinions do count?

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